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With the emergence of the infectious disease CoViD-19, which is triggered by the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the need has risen dramatically for medical protective clothing and personal protective equipment worldwide since the beginning of 2020. There is currently no end in sight to the increased demand. Therefore, a reliable supply of necessary medical protective clothing and personal protective equipment is extremely important. Bissinger medical GmbH is dedicated to this task. We can supply at competitive prices because we source all our products from government approved manufacturers direct.

Our Products

We are a trading company for high quality protective equipment and supply companies and institutions that have a high demand for protective clothing for professional reasons or they have high demand in everyday use. Our customers include, for example, hospitals, practice networks, care facilities, pharmacies, authorities and municipal institutions. We are in close contact with our supply partners and take care of everything throughout the entire process, from ordering right through to delivery.


Our own production of disposable face masks

In addition to the co-operation with our suppliers abroad, we are currently developing our own production of disposable face masks. The disposable face mask has three layers and has a metal clip in the area of the nostril. This increases the wearing comfort and provides additional security. The mask is tighter, this means that less breathing air can escape in an uncontrolled manner.

At the beginning of 2021, our machines will be able to produce up to 500,000 disposable face masks per week.

The production of FFP2 is also possible with our machines. This versatility enables us to tailor production entirely to the needs of our customers.

Protective clothing and personal protective equipment saves lives

In addition to a focus on superior quality, our success is based upon our products being globally competitive and making sure we deliver the commitments we make. From receipt of order to delivery we monitor and control all stages of the process.

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